Who we are

Natural Nai is a new beauty concept, a special combination of nature and technology. A line of high natural cosmetics, of proven and ecological effectiveness, in harmony with the environment and respect for nature, which uses low environmental impact technologies and environmentally friendly materials for packaging.

Natural Nai draws its origins with a distant Amazon forest. Nai is the name- Naì- that the Yanomami Indians attribute to the Flower of Manilkara, traditionally used for its healing properties.

Nature provides everything we need to have healthy skin. That's why we formulate products using fresh vegetable -based high quality ingredients, ethically and directly from organic agriculture. Our skincare routine, simple and effective, is able to meet the needs of those who love a green lifestyle.

Natural Nai is an Eco-Bio, Vegan and Cruelty Free Cosmetics brand.

Our philosophy

The active ingredients of the Amazon Forest

Natural Nai products have active ingredients such as extracts, oils and butters from Amazonian plants. The Natural Nai ingredients are pure: some come from the largest green lung in the world, from spontaneous crops and exempt from chemical treatments or manipulations, while others are of origin from organic farming.

The effectiveness of the active ingredients used is proven: they are in fact healthy and intact fruits and plants, where oils and butters are obtained with natural extraction processes that guarantee its high quality.

The Natural Nai cosmetics, thanks to the Made in Italy technology and the botanical traditions of the Amazon, are formulated with selected raw materials of the highest quality and expertly combined to make the skin soft, hydrated, toned and velvety all day. Moringa, Açai oil, Murumuru butter, Brazil Nut oil, Cupuaçu butter, Buriti oil, Androba, Guaranà extract, Aquabio, Malojillo, Zarzaparilla, Arnica, Cocolmeca, Palqui, Taray, Cuasia, Tepazan, Amaranto, Kalanchoe , Escancel, Anacahuite, Simonillo are just some of the subjects used in the processing procedures.

Natural ingredients

Natural Nai is a natural cosmetics brand, based on a more careful production that uses only natural materials of natural origin, from pure and controlled plant sources. The care and attention with which our cosmetics are produced allows us to offer delicate solutions that respect the skin without irritating it. The synthesis ingredients are also obtained by transforming only and exclusively raw materials of vegetable origin.

Natural Nai uses vegetable raw materials from certified agriculture as biological, which does not use chemical pesticides, but which respect the environment and also animals. Our products are cruelty free: no animal has been mistreated during our production process.

The use of natural cosmetics is a conscious choice and using them makes the difference since the advantages and benefits are countless. Firstly, our products do not contain silicones and petroleums, or synthetic substances obtained from the processing of polluting and non -sustainable chemical compounds, products that can be irritating and causing allergies. The derivatives from plastic, in fact, obstruct the pores and create irritation throughout the dermis. Using products of natural origin means having solutions compatible with epidermis cells because these substances are summarized at best without any negative problem or consequence. Chemicals such as silicone make the cosmetic seem softer and easy to apply by making the skin smooth, but in reality they are not moisturizing and do not bring any type of nutrients to the skin, on the contrary they create an invisible film on the epidermis that blocks the breathing of the pores .

Natural Nai Natural cosmetics have a high concentration of pure active ingredients: it is sufficient to use little product, precisely because concentrated, to obtain the desired result; They therefore have a high performance and in the long run they are cheaper.